Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Like many, Larry Macon decided to run a marathon; the difference is, he's never stopped after race No. 1, running more than 1,200 -- including a world-record 255 in 2013

Larry Macon admits he's a bit obsessive. So it didn't surprise the people close to him that he became compulsive after running his first marathon at age 51. Since then, he's run more than 1,200 and set the Guinness World Record for marathons in a year four times, including in 2013 when he ran a whopping 255. Why does he do it? It makes him happy. My story for's Endurance Sports section:

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  1. doug, it's a shame you spent time writing on this figure. he is known for his 'records', but he is also equally known for how shady those are.

    eventually truth will come out and your story will look... silly.