Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Monday, November 27, 2017

Army Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Marks, a two-time Paralympic medal-winning swimmer, is motivated to help other wounded warriors into adaptive sports

Army Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Marks suffered severe injuries while deployed in the Middle East, but she's gone on to become an elite Paralympic swimmer. Now her focus is aimed at helping other injured veterans and active-duty service members. My story for TeamUSA.org. https://www.teamusa.org/US-Paralympics/Features/2017/November/24/My-Focus-How-Helping-Other-Wounded-Warriors-Keeps-Elizabeth-Marks-Propelled-Forward

Raiders still alive in weak AFC West

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: With the Chiefs collapse and a win Sunday over the Broncos, the Raiders are closing in on first place in the AFC West. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Raiders-Very-Much-Alive-in-AFC-West-Race-460295693.html

49ers admire Beathard, but Garoppolo coming on

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: Though it appears Jimmy Garoppolo is likely to start this week, rookie QB C.J. Beathard has won over his coaches and teammates. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/No-Matter-What-49ers-Like-What-Theyve-Seen-of-Beathard-460288283.html

Raiders build lead, then hang on for win

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Oakland builds a 21-0 lead over the Broncos, then holds on to win 21-14.

49ers are almost offenseless in loss to Seahawks

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: Only TD in loss to Seattle comes with the outcome already decided. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Niners-Offense-is-Hardly-There-in-Loss-to-Seahawks-460147103.html

Raiders need to create turnovers, NOW

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: New coordinator John Pagano hopes his unit can come up with more turnovers to help the offense. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Raiders-Need-to-Start-Feasting-on-Turnovers-459749043.html

49ers getting a wave of fresh D-linemen

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: Newly acquired veterans and returning players from injury are beefing up a thin defensive line for 49ers. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Niners-Defensive-Line-Getting-Wave-of-Replacements-459753543.html

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Del Rio believes in Raiders, but why should fans?

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Jack Del Rio says the Raiders are "close" to hitting on all cylinders, but he and others have said that before. With only six games left, time is running out. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/For-Raiders-Being-Close-Wont-Cut-it-Anymore-459090943.html

49ers' seventh-round pick shining at safety

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: Seventh-round pick Adrian Colbert of Miami first starred on special teams. Now he's starting at safety, following injuries that opened the door for him. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/sports/Versatile-Seventh-Round-Pick-Colbert-is-Impressing-49ers-459083533.html

Are 200-mile races the new trend in ultra running? Organizer Candice Burt's three annual races have become very popular

A few years ago, ultra runner and race organizer put together a race around Lake Tahoe that turned out to be 205 miles long. Now she has three annual 200-milers, and that distance is becoming more popular among the ultra runner group. My story for MotivRunning.com: https://www.motivrunning.com/running-life/running-trends/next-level-inside-200-mile-race-trend/

Monday, November 20, 2017

Oakland offense continues to drop the ball

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: A bad case of the drops -- again -- is a poison pill for Oakland's offense in loss to the Patriots. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Raiders-Offense-is-Dropping-the-Ball-458832393.html

49ers return from break eager to keep improving

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: Kyle Shanahan says the monkey is off his back after 49ers get their first win, but his real goal is continued improvement and building a foundation for 2018. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Niners-Return-From-Break-Eager-to-Build-on-First-Victory-458839403.html

Raiders pounded by Patriots in Mexico City

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Oakland stays close to New England for a half, but then things fall apart in a 33-8 loss. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Raiders-Go-South-in-Loss-to-Patriots-458688663.html

Friday, November 17, 2017

Tom Brady vs. Raiders D may be a mismatch

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Tom Brady leads the NFL in passing for an explosive Pats team, and now the leaky Raiders defense will try to stop him. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/sports/Raiders-Defense-Needs-to-Play-its-Best-Game-to-Stop-Patriots-458257413.html

Staley's return helped boost O-line to best performance

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: The 49ers offensive line finally had a solid game. Is it starting to gel? https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/sports/Niners-Offensive-Line-Showing-Signs-of-Improvement-458248343.html

Niners' Foster is coming on fast

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: Now healthy and getting some experience, rookie linebacker Reuben Foster is wowing observers. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/sports/Reuben-Fosters-Terrific-Play-is-Earning-Raves-457997663.html

Raiders are ready for their trip to Mexico

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Indications are the Raiders offense is opening up just in time for a matchup in Mexico City with the Pats. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/sports/Raiders-are-Ready-for-Their-Test-in-Mexico-City-458010293.html

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Javelin standout Kara Winger is changing her training in order to peak for the biggest events

Kara Winger is a three-time Olympian and the American record holder in the javelin, but she still hasn't reached her goals. To get there, she's going to change her training pattern so she can peak for the biggest eventshttps://www.teamusa.org/News/2017/November/15/My-Focus-How-Kara-Winger-Is-Reshaping-Her-Routine-To-Peak-When-It-Matters
. My story for TeamUSA.org:

For first time, Beathard handled the blitz

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: In his first few games, QB C.J. Beathard played poorly when pressured. Against the Giants, he thrived. Has he turned a corner?https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Beathards-Play-Improved-Against-Pressure-457745293.html

Monday, November 13, 2017

Edwards helping Raiders' D improve vs. run

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Defensive end Mario Edwards Jr. has developed into an outstanding run defender. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/A-Healthy-Edwards-is-Helping-Raiders-Run-Defense-457234603.html

Return of Blair helping 49ers defense

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: The return to health of defensive lineman Ronald Blair is paying off. Blair's two sacks vs. Giants helped 49ers to first win of 2017. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Blairs-Return-Gives-49ers-Defense-a-Boost-457226953.html

Beathard leads 49ers to 1st win of 2017

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: QB C.J. Beathard throws for 2 TDs and runs for another as the 49ers beat the Giants 31-21 to improve to 1-9. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Niners-Finally-Collect-First-Victory-457079403.html

Sunday, November 12, 2017

200-mile races have become a thing now, and Mike McKnight is the first king of the triple crown of 200s completed this summer

Over the course of two months, Mike McKnight completed an almost impossible task, doing three 200-plus mile races and finishing with the fastest cumulative time of the 14 runners who scored the first triple crown of 200-milers My story for MotivRunning.com: https://www.motivrunning.com/running-destinations/racing-highlights/completing-triple-crown-200-milers/

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Foster says being 0-9 means nothing to how he plays

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: The 49ers may be 0-9, but rookie linebacker Reuben Foster says he'll always play the same way: hard. And he'll make certain his teammates do, too. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/sports/Niners-Have-Realistic-Shot-at-First-Victory-456400723.html

Raiders' third-down 'D' may finally be improved

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Raiders' third-down defense was better vs. Dolphins. Can it continue that trend vs. Patriots?https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Raiders-Third-Down-Defense-Was-Better-vs-Dolphins-456392833.html

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

After benching, Raiders' Sean Smith has rebounded

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Cornerback Sean Smith lost his job earlier this season but has now played well following injuries that opened the door to his comeback. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Sean-Smith-Has-Rebounded-After-Being-Benched-456128053.html

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bruised and battered Beathard will start again for 49ers

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: Rookie QB C.J. Beathard, called by Arizona head coach Bruce Arians "one tough dude," will start vs. Giants this Sunday so the team can keep Jimmy Garoppolo on the bench. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Tough-Dude-Beathard-Will-Remain-49ers-Starter-for-Now-455870763.html

Jared Cook becoming a Carr favorite

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Tight end Jared Cook has developed a good chemistry with QB Derek Carr and is on his way to a career year. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Raiders-Tight-End-Jared-Cook-Becoming-a-Prime-Target-455860593.html

Jay Taylar, the smallest guy on the field, stands tallest for the San Diego Armada rugby team

Jay Taylar has tried almost every sport imaginable. When he found rugby, he found his favorite. He plays for the San Diego Armada team, and also runs and works out to stay fit. My profile on Taylar for the Active San Diego feature in the Health section of the San Diego Union-Tribune: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/lifestyle/sd-he-active-taylar-20171106-story.html

Monday, November 6, 2017

Tartt's best season comes to an early end

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: Third-year safety Jaquiski Tartt suffers a broken forearm, ending his season at the midway point. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Tartts-Loss-Forces-Rookie-into-49ers-Lineup-455609253.html

"Home-run" Holton is Oakland's secret weapon

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Johnny Holton has just two catches for the Raiders in 2017. One went for 64 yards, one for 44. He has two TDs. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Little-Used-Holton-Produces-Big-Plays-for-Raiders-455601853.html

Carr comes out throwing in Raiders' win over Miami

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Derek Carr opens up the passing game in Oakland's much-needed win over the Dolphins. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Carr-Comes-Out-Throwing-as-Raiders-Beat-Dolphins-455475853.html

49ers left battered by ninth straight loss

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: The struggling 49ers lost several more key players in a ninth straight loss this season vs. the Cardinals. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Niners-Get-Battered-and-Bruised-While-Losing-Ninth-Straight-455440243.html

Bobsled and skeleton athletes say "Thank you, PyeongChang" at recent goodwill event

Jamie Greubel Poser travels the world competing as a U.S. bobsledder, but she rarely gets the chance to spend a lot of time with the people of the nations she visits. Recently, however, she and her U.S. bobsled and skeleton teammates had the chance to get to know young Korean sliders as the 2018 Winter Games approach. My story for TeamUSA.org: https://www.teamusa.org/News/2017/November/02/US-Bobsled-And-Skeleton-Athletes-Say-Thank-You-PyeongChang-At-Goodwill-Event

In-home euthanasia for beloved pets is a growing trend

Deciding when to put your beloved pet to sleep can be a painful experience for a pet owner, and a frightening, confusing time for your dog or cat. But in-home euthanasia, where the pet can stay in a familiar environment with its family, is becoming a more popular option. My story for the San Diego Union-Tribune: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/lifestyle/sd-hm-home-euthanasia-20171102-story.html

Friday, November 3, 2017

Melifonwu will make Raiders debut vs. Miami

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Safety Obi Melifonwu, a second-round pick, will finally make his NFL debut this Sunday night against the Dolphins. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/sports/Raiders-Eager-to-See-Melifonwu-Play-vs-Dolphins-454954773.html

Now 49ers lose Garcon for rest of season

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: The 49ers couldn't afford many injuries this season to a thin roster. But the loss of top wideout Pierre Garcon is just the latest of a wave of season-ending injuries. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/sports/Niners-Keep-Losing-Key-Performers-454962363.html

Rashard Robinson had quick rise and fall

Daily 49ers blog for NBC Bay Area website: Cornerback Rashard Robinson looked like a rising star for the 49ers in training camp, but quickly fell out of favor. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Robinsons-Rise-and-Fall-With-49ers-Was-Swift-454707753.html

Raiders' Carr looks like a different QB in 2017

Daily Raiders blog for NBC Bay Area website: Raiders QB Derek Carr isn't having the success on deep balls that he's had in the past. https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Raiders-Carr-Has-Been-Stuck-in-a-Lower-Gear-454702193.html

Humans are built for running without shoes, as the famed Raramuri runners of Mexico show even today

The Raramuri of Mexico start running at a young age, and run their entire lives. They run great distances while barefoot or with just thin sandals. How do they do it without modern running shoes? It's easy, says an expert on physiology and barefoot running. My sidebar on barefoot running to go with a larger story on ESPN.com about the Raramuri's prowess. http://www.espn.in/olympics/story/_/id/20770226/why-human-foot-was-made-running-long-distances-even-shoes